Q. What should I choose as the default shipping mode?

A. We recommend you choose “air.” Cloverly will do its best to figure out the shipping mode based on the order, but our philosophy is that it’s always OK to overgreen. Airplanes create a bigger carbon footprint than ground transportation, and we think it’s best to choose this as the default, even if not all of your orders are delivered via air.

Q. How is Cloverly accounted for in the Shopify backend?

A. When a customer elects to use Cloverly, Shopify will add Cloverly to the customer’s cart as a separate product. So if you order a pair of shoes and choose Cloverly, you’ll be buying two products: shoes and Cloverly. Shopify has its limitations, and this is the preferred way for companies like Cloverly to operate. From an accounting perspective, it’s good, because you can search and account for Cloverly exactly as you would any other product.

Q. What happens if a customer returns an order for a refund?

A. If you refund a customer’s entire returned order, the Cloverly portion of their order will also get refunded. However, it stands to reason that even if a customer now wants a refund for the product, they still wanted the original shipment of the product to be green. With that in mind, we recommend that you cancel only the non-Cloverly portion of their order.

Q. Can you just install the plugin for me?

A. Yes! We are a Shopify Partner and can request access to your store to perform the installation. Our designers do a great job of matching the design to fit the store perfectly. Let us know if you’d like us to help at [email protected].