If you have an ecommerce store, then you can learn how much your customers care about sustainability, at no cost to you. Simply install the Cloverly app.

With our standard installation, when your customers reach the checkout stage, they see a checkbox asking if they want to pay extra to green their order's shipping. The amount varies according to the shipping distance, weight, and mode of transportation, but it's usually less than $1.

The process is totally voluntary and almost frictionless; they either check the box or skip it. You, the store owner, pay nothing. And you discover how many of your customers care enough about sustainability to put a little money behind their convictions.

We've found that about 15% of ecommerce customers click the box, but that varies widely. Conversion rates for some stores range significantly higher—up to 50%.

Cloverly, by the way, neither gathers nor stores any personal information about the customer. We look only at what we need to calculate an offset quote: the customer's zip code and the package weight. You can read our Privacy Policy at https://cloverly.com/privacy-policy.

Adding Cloverly to your online store is easy. We've built plugins specifically for Shopify and Magento stores. Our API also works with other ecommerce platforms, including custom platforms.

You can do the installation yourself; we supply detailed instructions and any support you need if questions pop up along the way. Or we'll be happy to install it for you.

To learn more, contact us via any of the options on our Support page:  https://cloverly.com/support.