The new Cost of Carbon tool from Protect Our Winters is definitely a cool way to green your travel, lodging, shipping, and fuel purchases. You know what else is a cool way to do many of those same things, and more?

The Cloverly for Slack app.

If your team uses Slack, check out the app at You can green flights, shipping, commuting and other ground transportation trips, and even the carbon costs of your morning coffee.

It all happens within Slack, requiring just a few keystrokes. You don't have to navigate to an external website or fill out a form.

We love the Protect Our Winters Cost of Carbon tool, created by The North Face (and using the Cloverly API). You can find it at, and you can learn more about it here.

We also love Cloverly for Slack; for details about how it works, click here.

Each can offset the carbon costs of travel and shipping, and each offers some extra capabilities as well. Each can help us all live more sustainably.