So, November was kind of a big month for Cloverly in terms of the amount of carbon emissions we greened on behalf of our customers. In October, the total was almost 700,000 pounds. In November, it was almost 5.8 million pounds—to be precise, 5,793,343.9.

Cloverly provides an easy way for people to use carbon offsets and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to compensate for the carbon footprint of ecommerce deliveries and other activities. The offsets and RECs in our portfolio can do that by avoiding, offsetting, or sequestering the same amount of carbon elsewhere in the environment.

Every month since July, we had been more than doubling (but never quite tripling) the amount of carbon emissions greened compared with the previous month's total. In November, we greened more than 8 times the October amount of carbon.

A lot of that came from ecommerce shopping the week of Thanksgiving. We offer plugins for Shopify and Magento stores that give consumers the option at checkout of greening their shipping through a simple checkbox. Our API works for other ecommerce platforms, too, including custom platforms. For more about ecommerce integration, click here.

Also in November, we got a big one-time boost. The business intelligence and big data analytics platform Looker surprised attendees at its JOIN 2019 Data Conference by using Cloverly to offset the carbon costs of the attendees' conference travel. Daniel Mintz, chief data evangelist at Looker, explains how he did it in this blog post.

Even without a Looker or Black Friday boost, we're doing pretty well in December, too. So far, we're on track to offset, avoid, or sequester more than 2 million pounds of carbon emissions.

Happy green holidays to all!