We frequently talk about Cloverly's integration with Shopify-based and Magento-based ecommerce stores because a lot of online retailers use those platforms. But our API also works with other online stores.

So if you have an ecommerce store that runs on Shopify or Magento, then check the Shopify page or Magento page on our website to see how easily you can install Cloverly.

And if you do ecommerce through another platform, including a custom platform, then contact us about integrating Cloverly. We've done several custom integrations that have worked great.

Using Cloverly shows your customers that you care about sustainability. It gives customers the opportunity, at checkout, to choose to pay a little more to offset the carbon footprint of the transaction. The extra cost is usually just a few cents.

Consumers seem to like being given that choice. So far, anywhere from 10% to 50% of our clients' customers, depending on the store, have opted to green their transactions.

To learn how it works, click here. To ask us about integrating with your online store, use whichever contact option on our Support page works best for you.

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