Greetings from the Outdoor Retailer Outdoor + Snow Show in Denver, where the Cloverly team proudly witnessed a big announcement on Wednesday by The North Face and Protect Our Winters.

We'll get to the "proudly" part in a moment. First, the announcement:

The North Face (the outdoors clothing and equipment retailer) and Protect Our Winters (the nonprofit climate advocacy organization) have teamed to offer a Cost of Carbon tool that's available to anyone on the POW website. It  can calculate and allow you to offset the carbon costs of "your travel, vacation, commute, or other activities."

TNF and POW announced the calculator at The North Face exhibit. The presentation, part of TNF's Climate Speaker Series, was called "Let's talk about carbon offsets & climate change."

Speakers were Emily Harrington, professional rock climber and TNF athlete; Tim Bantle, TNF global general manager for urban exploration and mountain lifestyle; and Mario Molina, POW executive director. Legendary mountaineer Conrad Anker, also a TNF athlete, moderated.

Cloverly watched proudly because the calculator uses our API. It asks for details on travel, lodging, shipping, and fuel, then displays the amount of carbon associated with the trip or other activity, plus a list of projects that can serve as the green source for offsetting. You get to pick the one you want. The whole process takes maybe five minutes.

For example, one member of the Cloverly team offset 668 pounds of carbon for travel to the show (a Birmingham, Alabama-Denver round trip) and lodging, at a cost of $3.99. He picked the Hawk Mountain Improved Forest Management Project at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary for birds of prey at Drehersville, Pennsylvania.

Making it even sweeter, TNF paid the costs for those in the audience at the announcement.

Emily Harrington speaks at the Cost of Carbon tool announcement by The North Face and Protector Our Winters. Flanking her are TNF's Tim Bantle, left, and POW's Mario Molina. Photo by Cloverly Team

Harrington said outdoors athletes and explorers have long recognized and discussed the climate implications of what they do. "We're so passionate about the outdoor places," she said, "but we also recognize that we have a huge impact and we have a huge carbon footprint."

For a long time, she said, she felt guilty about it. "But as I've been working with Protect Our Winters, I've learned about what we're now calling imperfect advocacy, and that is, just because we're not perfect does not mean that we can't do something. Just because carbon offsets aren't a perfect solution to climate change, it's still something.

"And it's still a springboard that we have to get the conversation started, to feel empowered as individuals and then to be able to do something greater, and that is to get people out to vote for doing something about climate change."

Speaking of voting...

Thanks to all who voted for us, but we didn't win a Golden Kitty Award from Product Hunt.

Honestly, we were thrilled just to be nominated. No, really. For one thing, we love Product Hunt. It lists dozens of new tech products every day and lets visitors to the website vote on their favorites. We were featured back on Earth Day, our launch day.

Product Hunt picked Cloverly as one of the 21 best products of 2019 in the Social Impact category. That in itself is truly a huge honor. Voting for the 5th Annual Golden Kitty Awards took place last week, and the winners were announced on Tuesday. You can see the results in all categories here.