We are super excited to have a Cloverly team headed to the IATA Airline Industry Retailing Hackathon this week in Frankfurt, Germany. Dave Folk, Nate Schmidt, and Chris Winslett will present a workshop and mentor a bunch of sleep-deprived developers.

We're especially eager to see what kind of carbon offsetting solutions the hackathon participants come up with. Developer teams will be coding around the clock on Saturday and into Sunday afternoon, working on creative ways to enhance airline retailing capabilities.

Cloverly is the featured API for carbon offsetting and avoiding. That's huge, because offsetting and avoiding carbon are central to the airline industry's plan for making all post-2020 growth in international flights carbon neutral. Appropriately enough, the hackathon will take place at the Frankfurt Airport.

To learn how IATA (the International Air Transport Association) found Cloverly, why IATA puts on several hackathons a year, and how to pronounce "IATA," you can click here and here.

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