Cloverly customers will soon get a new feature: the ability to create a custom portfolio of instruments for greening carbon costs.

Ecommerce stores and anyone else who uses the Cloverly API will be able to select only specified projects from our overall portfolio to use in offsetting their carbon footprint. Maybe a company wants to use only a certain type of project—just wind farms, for example, or reforestation programs, or livestock gas capture projects. We'll make that possible.

If a company prefers to use projects that aren't in the Cloverly portfolio, we'll be able to make that happen, too.

Carbon offsets, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), and Guarantees of Origin (GOs, the European version of RECs) compensate for carbon emissions by avoiding, offsetting, or sequestering the same amount of carbon elsewhere in the environment. Cloverly provides an easy way to make them available for everyday activities like ecommerce deliveries.

This is a recent screenshot of our offset map. For the current version, go to

At the moment, our portfolio contains offsets, RECs, and GOs in North America, Europe, and Asia—specifically, in the United States, Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Spain, and Turkey. Go to for a full list and an interactive map showing the project locations.

For ecommerce, the Cloverly API will typically use the offset, REC, or GO that's closest to the customer for a particular shipment. If you live in Dallas, you'd rather help support a wind farm in Texas than a landfill gas capture project in Virginia or an improved forestry management initiative in California, right?

However, we understand that some of our customers might prefer a different approach. So we're in the process of building and testing our custom portfolio feature. If you're interested, please let us know.