Our plugin integrates easily with your Shopify ecommerce store. It lets your customers opt at checkout to green their transactions. You can do the integration yourself, or we'll do it for you. Here are some recent questions we've received about the process.

Q. Do we have to sign a contract, or commit to using the Cloverly plugin for a minimum amount of time or number of orders?
A. Nope. No contract, no minimums. We’re confident that a lot of your customers will want to green their orders and will appreciate your giving them the opportunity.

Q. So you're offsetting the carbon cost of shipping our customers' orders? How does that work?
A. We calculate in real time the amount of carbon that shipping an ecommerce product will create. We then purchase an instrument that pays for avoiding or sequestering the same amount of carbon somewhere else in the environment. Since the earth is one giant carbon sink, removing an equivalent amount of emissions elsewhere in the environment has the same net impact as if your emissions didn't occur. And buying an instrument that eliminates greenhouse gases creates a market that spurs creation of additional carbon-removal projects.

Q. What kinds of offsets do you buy?
A. Our current portfolio includes investments in Renewable Energy Credits from wind and solar energy projects; sequestration projects (reforestation, improved forest management) that absorb and store atmospheric carbon in trees; projects that keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere by capturing emissions from landfills, abandoned mines, and livestock waste; projects that destroy ozone-depleting refrigerants so they don't reach the atmosphere; projects to improve energy efficiency in large organizations; and a biomass project converting municipal organic waste into renewable natural gas to fuel the waste collection trucks.

Q. Do you have offsets in Canada?
A. Yes.