Our Cloverly for Shopify app lets your customers opt to pay a little extra to offset the carbon footprint of their shipments.

It costs you, the store owner, nothing. The customer pays the entire cost—usually just a few cents. And they pay only if they want to. It's strictly an option, via a checkbox at checkout.

They can decide, "Absolutely! I want to do my part to combat climate change!"

Or, "I would love to, but this is a tight month. I'll do it on my next order."

Or, "Nah. I don't think it's that big of a deal."

Nobody is looking over their shoulder. Nobody is judging.

So far, a lot of ecommerce customers like having the option. Anywhere from 10% to 50%, depending on the store, are volunteering to pay a little more to green their shipments.

Installing the app is simple. To learn more about it, click here. You don't even have to install it yourself; we'll do it for you if you prefer. Just let us know through our Support page.

If you run an ecommerce store on Magento or a custom platform, you too can give your customers the option of carbon-neutral shipping. To learn about our Magento plugin, click here. If you use any other kind of platform, including a custom platform, talk to us here.

Let the customers choose, at no cost to you. Why not?