Our plugin integrates easily with your Shopify ecommerce store to allow your customers to opt at checkout to green their transactions. You can do the integration yourself, or we'll do it for you. Here are some questions we've fielded about the process.

Q. Do you charge our company a fee to use Cloverly's plugin?
A. For our first 100 customers, we will never charge a fee. Ever. We do foresee eventually charging a fee to companies that use our API.

Q. What if we try the plugin and then decide we don't want to use it anymore, for whatever reason?
A. You control its use, or non-use. You can turn it off or on as you wish.

Q. Where is the renewable energy credit or offset coming from?
A. Our entire reason for being a company is to bring more transparency and accessibility to the world of RECs and carbon offsets. Every transaction shows the customer exactly how many pounds of carbon are being offset or avoided and where the REC or carbon offset is coming from. We always try to match the offset location as closely as we can to the customer's transaction. Here's an example of what a customer in Atlanta would see when they click "Carbon Offset Details" on our Shopify widget.

Q. Do you calculate the exact shipping mileage, from the warehouse to the consumer's door? If so, how?
A. We do our best to do exactly that. We geolocate consumers based on their IP addresses. Admittedly, that's a guess, but it's usually a pretty good one. We set our calculations so that if we err, it's on the side of overgreening. We started this company because of genuine concern about the carbon cost of the things we had delivered to us through ecommerce. Consumers who opt to have Cloverly green their shipments are thinking the same way. We're pretty sure they'd approve paying a few extra pennies—and it would literally be just pennies per order—to do a little extra greening.

Q. Do you calculate the weight of each package?
A. Yup. We can pull the weight from the information on your site, or you can set a default weight.