Best wishes from Cloverly for a wonderful Memorial Day! Our company makes carbon offsets available for such conveniences of 21st century life as ecommerce, fast shipping, and ridesharing. Today, we remember those whose sacrifices enabled us to enjoy that comfortable lifestyle. And we pass along a few easy ways to add sustainability to your holiday celebrations.

  1. Grill with gas instead of charcoal. Propane and natural gas grills heat up much more quickly and burn cleaner than charcoal grills. If you've just got to have that smoky flavor, look for charcoals created from sustainable materials and made without additives. Avoid lighter fluid or chemicals-imbued self-starting charcoal.
  2. Check out a local farmers market for produce and other foodstuffs. Focus on local wineries, breweries, and other beverage producers for drinks. Buying from hometown producers reduces the transportation required to get the goods to your table.
  3. Serve your food and drink with reusable cups, plates, and eating utensils. Bring food (and take away leftovers) in reusable containers. Cloth napkins and tablecloths make better choices than paper or plastic ones, too.
  4. Set up bins or bags for recyclable and compostable materials. Make sure everyone knows what goes where. Designate environmentally minded kids to patrol for litter and keep the recyclables and compostables properly sorted.
  5. Join forces with nearby relatives, friends, and neighbors. One big party filled with people who walk or bike to the festivities can have a lesser carbon footprint than several smaller ones. Plus, from a socializing point of view, the more the merrier.
  6. In honor of those you're remembering, plant a tree. It will serve as a carbon-sequestering memorial that can last for generations. As you watch it grow and enjoy its shade, thoughts of your loved ones will fill your heart.