Since we launched Cloverly on Earth Day, we've focused on deploying our Sustainability as a Service platform to offset the carbon footprint of ecommerce shipping. We've installed Shopify and Magento plugins and custom online store integrations. We also built a Slack app that can be used to offset the carbon cost of other everyday activities.

While that has kept us busy, we've been hoping that developers would look at our API and come up with other uses for it. We built Cloverly to make offsetting carbon accessible to the digital world. We're eager to see what possibilities other smart people will come up with that we've never dreamed of.

What actions would you like to green? If we can calculate carbon impact, then we can offset it. So if you have some ideas, create an account and play around with the API.

You start in sandbox mode, with public and private sandbox API keys. Sandbox mode is free. So try building something. Check out our system and see how it works. Take as much time as you want—no charge—to get comfortable with what Cloverly can do for you. Experiment.

You can even create a prototype for free. We actually use this capability in-house. We'll demo a new feature in sandbox mode to make sure it does what we want before we add it to our API.

When we were building our Slack and Shopify integrations, we found we needed libraries. So we released the Cloverly RubyGem for easier interaction with the API.

Do you need something else we haven't thought of? Get in touch. We'll see what we can do.

Have fun. And, please, let us know what you come up with.