We created our new Cloverly for Slack app for the same reason that we created Cloverly itself: We wanted to live our lives more sustainably.

Cloverly for Slack lets your team members offset the carbon impacts of a host of everyday activities, from commuting to making a cup of coffee. We started doing it just for ourselves. Then we thought other sustainability-minded teams might want the same option.

It works really, really simply. Once you've completed the the full installation process (see below), you just enter a command as a Slack message, starting with a forward slash and the word "green." For example: "/green my 15 mile commute" or "/green shipping from 60446 to 35209 weighing 3 pounds."

Cloverly for Slack can offset lots of other activities. You can find a partial list here. Try a command and see if it works. Cloverly will let you know if we can fulfill the request. If we can, we'll show you the details in the Slack response.

Getting the app is easy, too:

Step 1: Install Cloverly for Slack at https://cloverly.com/slack.

Step 2: Create an account at https://cloverly.com/, enter a credit card to get a production API key, and add the key to the Slack app settings.

You can learn more about Cloverly for Slack here. If you have any questions or run into any problems, contact us through our Support page.