1. We're answering questions about our Shopify plugin this week as we talk to ecommerce companies. Here's one question we've gotten: If our company's customers opt to pay a few cents more at checkout to green their ecommerce transaction through Cloverly, will they have to pay tax on that payment? Answer: No. The Cloverly transactions are not subject to sales tax.
  2. Another company with a Shopify-based online store asked: Can we just pay to green every ecommerce transaction on our customers' behalf, and let them know we've done it? Answer: Absolutely. Our most common model lets ecommerce customers opt to add a small extra charge to their transaction. In that scenario, your company pays no fees—no per-transaction fee, no setup fee, no monthly service fee, nothing. But if your company instead prefers to demonstrate how serious you are about sustainability by paying to green your customers' transactions, our plugin can easily make that happen.
  3. Here's a pretty basic question: Where does the Cloverly option show up in the Shopify checkout flow? Answer: A "Green Your Shipment" option appears in the customer's Shopify cart. If the customer opts to green the shipment, a "Carbon Offset for Shipping" item appears in the cart.
  4. Finally, how do the funds paid for greening the shipments get transferred to Cloverly? Answer: There are two options: We can invoice you. Or you can set up a prepay account for an amount of your choosing. With prepayment, the account is set to automatically replenish. Whenever the funds in the account drop to zero, we'll automatically debit you for your selected prepayment amount.