1. If you're attending the Sustainable Brands conference this week in Detroit, say hi to Cloverly co-founder Dave Folk. He'll be there to catch up on the latest in the world of sustainability and spread the word about Cloverly's Sustainability as a Service platform.
  2. We're putting the finishing touches on our monthly newsletter for June. It tells you what we're up to and summarizes the latest sustainability news and trends; sign up here. This month, we're including a profile of one of our first customers, Mountain High Outfitters, a company that says its proudest accomplishment is "promoting an active lifestyle."
  3. Stay tuned for news of new Cloverly customers. We're working with some terrific companies that take sustainability to heart. We'll let you know who they are once their integration with our API is up and running.
  4. Do you have a Shopify store? If so, look for a blog post later this week that answers some frequently asked questions about how you can use Cloverly to give your customers the option of greening their transactions. Sample question: Do you charge our company a fee to use Cloverly's services? The answer is (spoiler alert): not if you act now. Sorry; it sounds like a cheesy infomercial when we put it that way. But it's true.