1. Dave Folk, one of our co-founders, will be seeing some of you at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver this Tuesday through Thursday. Look him up if you're there. Sustainability is obviously a big part of the show, and that's what we do. So we're eager to make some connections, build some relationships, and work together to make the world greener.
  2. We enjoyed record sales last week of our plugin for Shopify ecommerce stores. This week, we're moving those new customers from test mode to full launch. We've built the plugin to make it as easy as possible to install yourself. But if you'd prefer that we make the install instead, we're happy to handle it. Just let us know.
  3. We're working to make our website more approachable for general consumers. In the weeks since we launched on Earth Day, we've oriented much of the website toward developers. They're the ones who deal most directly with our Sustainability as a Service platform and its integrations with ecommerce stores. However, we're also creating additional uses for our technology that individual consumers can take advantage of. After all, (almost) everyone cares about sustainability.
  4. Speaking of additional uses for individual consumers, we're building our Slack app, which we'll launch on June 25. It will allow Slack users to quickly and easily offset the carbon impacts of such everyday-life things as miles driven, deliveries received, electricity used, and beer purchased. Yes, beer. It gives a whole new meaning to drinking responsibly. Cheers!