1. We're putting the finishing touches on our Slack app. It allows anyone on Slack to green everything from an airline flight to a cup of coffee. We're curious to see which endpoints are the most popular—and which new ones people will try that we haven't thought of. If enough users want it and it has a quantifiable carbon impact, then we'll add it. Stand by for a launch announcement.
  2. Now that we're up and running on a good number of Shopify ecommerce stores, we're keeping an eye on our conversion rates—the percentage of customers who opt to green their shipments at checkout through Cloverly. So far, the floor seems to be about 10%. Rates at some stores are much higher, even approaching 50%. We honestly weren't sure what to expect. But we're not surprised that a lot of people want to promote sustainability and combat climate change. Even if it costs them a few extra pennies.
  3. Our Shopify plugin will be going live on more stores this week. If you have a Shopify store, you can join them. Click here to see how you can handle the installation yourself. If you want us to assist, just contact Cloverly support.
  4. Dave Folk, Cloverly co-founder and carbon offsets trader, is restocking our portfolio of carbon offsets and Renewable Energy Credits. We match offsets and RECs as closely as possible to the geographical destination of the shipment. For some destinations, we're running low on nearby offsets. Dave's also following up on contacts he made last week at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver, where he had a great time. Not that those of us back at the office were jealous or anything.