1. More and more companies are integrating our Cloverly for Shopify app. We're very grateful. So many additional ecommerce stores could also give consumers the opportunity at checkout to green their shipping. So we're reaching out to them, one at a time. Why wait for us to get to you? If you have an online store built on Shopify (or any other platform), contact us to find out what Cloverly can do for you.
  2. We're also checking with our customers who have just installed Cloverly for Shopify to make sure everything is going smoothly. We routinely reach out to see if they have everything they need. If you run into a problem or just have a question, please let us know. We'll come up with the appropriate fix or answer; we promise.
  3. Some of our customers are asking us to add additional features to our app, or the ability to integrate with other software. We definitely take all such requests seriously. We've made some tweaks already, and we'll continue to improve our product.
  4. We've noticed increased chatter about the carbon costs of shipping consumer products—exactly the issue that led us to create Cloverly. Just yesterday, for example, CNN Business released a report titled "America's addiction to absurdly fast shipping has a hidden cost." The report suggested that the best way to address the problem is "nudging"—"leading consumers to make the best choice on their own without seeming bossy about it." We couldn't agree more. For example, proprietors of online stores could, through Cloverly, give their customers the "best choice" option at checkout to green that shipping. Click here for how.