If you're reading this, then you care about sustainability. After all, you did find your way to our website.

At Cloverly, we built our company on sustainability. Maybe you did the same with your company. It's simply a core principle for just about any business today, as basic as a fast internet connection or good coffee.

Increasing numbers of potential employees also consider it a core value. Talented team members are always in short supply. They can afford to be choosy about looking for employers whose principles match their own.

We created the Cloverly for Slack app for ourselves. We wanted to make our own daily business operations greener. Then we realized that other enterprises could use it to add sustainability and attract the kinds of passionate employees who can make their businesses thrive.

Cloverly for Slack lets you and your team members offset the carbon impacts of such routine business activities as shipping, traveling, stocking up on office supplies, ridesharing—even, yes, sipping coffee.

Getting the app is easy:

Step 1: Install Cloverly for Slack at https://cloverly.com/slack.

Step 2: Create an account at https://cloverly.com/, enter a credit card to get a production API key, and then add the key to the Slack app settings.

For details about how it works, you can click here. If you have questions or run into problems with the installation, contact us through one of the options on our Support page.

You may be surprised at how little it costs to become more sustainable through Cloverly for Slack. Check it out. And thanks.