1. We're building a new algorithm for calculating the carbon impact of transportation by helicopter. Each mode of transportation, be it car, truck, helicopter, or anything else, carries its own carbon cost. Calculating those specific costs is complicated. We're committed to quantifying the carbon emissions from any activity and providing you with an easy way to offset those emissions. Your offset supports the development of renewable energy.
  2. We're improving our Shopify plugin. If your ecommerce store is built on Shopify, you can get information about our plugin here.
  3. We're buying more renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets. (Find out how we use RECs to offset carbon costs and boost renewable energy here and here.) We select offsets from renewable energy producers that are as close as possible to where the transaction occurs. So we source RECs and offsets from across the country. Which is why...
  4. We're building a map for our website that shows the sources of all of our RECs. We probably won't get that finished this week because we'll be too busy actually buying RECs. But check back with us as we keep improving the site. You'll be able to follow on the map as we continually add new sources.
  5. We're starting a free monthly enewsletter about what we're up to as well as what's going on in the wider sustainability field. Check it out: subscribe here.