Cloverly may be new, but we already have our first overseas customer.

We launched on April 29, Earth Day. On April 30 (British Summer Time), Untold Coffee Roasters, in the county of Hampshire in the south of England, integrated their website with Cloverly's API.

Now, Untold Coffee's UK customers who buy coffee, coffeemakers, coffee publications, or other products online have the option to green their delivery. At checkout, they can make a voluntary one-click payment—just a few pence—to offset the carbon emissions generated by the shipping.

You can see Untold Coffee's announcement of our partnership, with a screenshot showing how the checkout process works, here. We really appreciate their business, their commitment to sustainability, and their graciousness. When we thanked them on Twitter, they responded, "Thank you for making it possible (& very easy)!"

For now, the RECs and carbon offsets will be from US sources; we don't have any UK offsets. Yet.

We do believe that the best RECs and offsets are those closest to where the emissions occur. On the other hand, carbon emissions respect no international boundaries—nor even oceans. Any carbon avoidance represents a step in the right direction.

The UK cares deeply about improving sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. It has just gone a week without burning any coal for power, for the first time in 137 years.

In early May, the government's climate advisory board, the Committee on Climate Change, recommended an aggressive new target: cutting carbon dioxide emissions to "net zero" by 2050. Any remaining emissions would have to be offset or removed.

We salute Untold Coffee for doing its part. We're glad we could help.