It's easy to explain what Cloverly does. Sometimes, it's a little harder to show how your particular business can use Cloverly. So let's look at some examples.

First, the "what we do" explanation: Cloverly makes it easy to compensate for the carbon footprint of ecommerce deliveries and other everyday activities, using carbon offsets and Renewable Energy Credits. We call it Sustainability as a Service.

Businesses with online stores that sell physical products fit perfectly. We have plugins that make it easy to add a Cloverly option to Shopify and Magento stores. Online retailers with custom platforms have also integrated Cloverly's API smoothly.

With Cloverly installed in an online store, a box pops up at checkout giving customers an option to pay a specific amount—usually less than a dollar—to green their shipping. They can choose to click that checkbox, or not, and then complete their order.

That's the most common use case: The customer opts in and pays. There's no cost for your business.

Some companies prefer a variation on that theme. They've decided to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by greening every single one of their customers' transactions—and paying for those transactions themselves on their customers' behalf.

And that's not all our API can do. Not by a long shot.

Looker, the business intelligence and big data analytics platform, surprised attendees at its JOIN 2019 Data Conference earlier this month by using Cloverly to offset the carbon costs of their travel to the conference., an online service for product and pricing research that's based in Sydney, Australia, uses Cloverly to green the impact of its automated online tools. With every purchase, offsets—at no extra charge—the carbon footprint of such activities as air-conditioning and cleaning its offices, flying its team members to conferences, and using power-hungry computers to crunch its numbers.

Shipley Energy just announced a new division, Harmony Fuels, that uses Cloverly to calculate and offset the carbon impact of the heating oil and propane it sells to residential customers, primarily for furnaces. Harmony says that even including the cost of offsetting, it can match or beat competitors on price.

The airline industry has also discovered Cloverly. Last month, the industry's trade group, IATA (the International Air Transport Association) held a Hackathon to develop new tools to enhance the consumer experience. Of the 6 winners, 5 chose to use the Cloverly API. We're looking forward to seeing how those tools work as they're deployed.

Businesses can even use our Cloverly for Slack app to let their own employees green such everyday business activities as commuting, traveling for work, shipping, and drinking coffee. (Not kidding about the coffee.)

Need more proof of the Cloverly API's versatility? Here's a sampling of some other sustainably minded companies that use us, grouped by sector:

Sustainability matters for all of us. At Cloverly, we offer Sustainability as a Service. Let us show you how your business could use us—probably at no cost to you. Call or email; our Contact Us page has the details. Thanks.