We've created a map of the carbon offsets and Renewable Energy Credits that we have in our inventory because we want to be transparent about what we do. Also, we think it's cool.

At Cloverly, we make RECs and carbon offsets available for ecommerce deliveries and other everyday activities that carry a carbon footprint. We match the carbon offsets and RECs that we have as closely as possible to the destination of each delivery. (For an explanation of how all that works, click here.)

The map lets us—and you—keep track of our progress. You can find it at www.cloverly.com/offset-map. This is a screenshot of our current map:

Cloverly launched just a couple of months ago, so we're still aggressively amassing offsets and RECs. Already, we've locked down RECs and offsets from a wide variety of projects:

  • RECs from wind and solar farms. (For an explanation of what RECs are all about, click here.)
  • Sequestration projects, such as reforestation and improved forest management, that absorb and store atmospheric carbon in trees.
  • Projects that keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere by capturing emissions from landfills, abandoned mines, and livestock waste.
  • Projects that process ozone-depleting refrigerants so they don't reach the atmosphere.
  • Projects to improve energy efficiency at the University of Alberta and the Toronto School District in Canada.
  • A project converting municipal organic waste into renewable natural gas to fuel the waste collection trucks.

You can click on each pin to get some details about that particular project. We'll be filling in more details as we go; frankly, we're concentrating on expanding our portfolio first. Check back as often as you'd like to track how we're doing.

So far, the map shows only our North American sources for offsets and RECs. We've also bought RECs for European projects, so we can match geographically for European deliveries, too. Again, check back for updates.