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Every day your business burns carbon. The electricity you use, the miles you drive, the shipments you send to customers—almost every routine activity produces a measurable carbon footprint.

Carbon offsets can mitigate those negative impacts. That's important, because consumers increasingly seek out companies that embrace sustainable values. Cloverly makes carbon offsets easy and transparent, with a focus on the digital economy. We'd love to work with your business to make your operations more sustainable.

Cloverly's API can calculate in real time the impact of common carbon-intensive activities, especially those related to internet transactions, and use registered carbon offsets or Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to make them green. You can pay, or you can invite your customers to pay.

Here are our favorite ways that our customers are currently using Cloverly's API

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Ecommerce shipments

Offsetting ecommerce shipment impacts through a custom integration, our Shopify app, or our Magento plugin


Vehicle fleets

Calculating miles driven and offsetting vehicle emissions

Deliveries of all kinds

Directly purchasing offsets or RECs based on internal emission calculations

Custom integration

* Pass this to your developers.


We're seeing some scenarios where the company purchases the offset and others where the customer pays. And these examples only scratch the surface of what our API can do. Whether you're a developer or not, check out our documentation to learn more about our software and its virtually endless possibilities.

Want to know how you can be more sustainable and reduce your company's carbon footprint, profitably? Sign up for a Cloverly sandbox account, or reach out to [email protected].