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Cloverly is an API for carbon offsets, performing them (technically, retiring carbon offsets or Renewable Energy Credits, known as RECs) on a per-transaction basis. Here's how it works.

We have gone out to the market and purchased a variety of registered carbon offsets and RECs, which are mainstream and preferred vehicles for offsetting carbon impacts. We've built a variety of algorithms that calculate carbon impact. This is all stitched together via the Cloverly API.

If we can calculate emissions, we can offset them. Over time we anticipate opening up a variety of endpoints that will allow you to offset the impacts of all kinds of things. Maybe we'll calculate the carbon footprint of beer production, and someone will build an app that hits our /beer endpoint, allowing people to green their drinks by purchasing renewable energy from a wind farm. We're not quite there, but hopefully you get the idea.

Here are the currently available endpoints.

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Perfect for ecommerce. Pass us shipping information like zip codes, package weight, and shipping method. We'll return a price quote to offset. If you respond with a quote approval, we'll buy an offset or REC and return details of the purchase.

Let us know how far you've driven and the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. We'll quote you an offset and buy the appropriate offset instrument upon approval.

Do you already know how many pounds of carbon need to be offset? Feed the total to our API, and we'll purchase the offset or REC.

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If you would like to offset your use of electircity, use the electricity endpoint for a quote.

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One of Cloverly's core values is matching the source of the offset as closely as possible to the impact. If you want to offset a car ride in Houston, we'll do our best to offset it with, for example, a purchase from a wind farm in Texas. Best of all, this is all contained in the JSON response from a successful request. We'll tell you exactly where we bought and retired the offset or REC.

Getting Started

You can sign up for a sandbox account at no charge. Cloverly works on a credits system, much like Twilio. In order to get a production API key, you'll need to enter a credit card and load your account with at least $5. As you start to consume offsets or RECs, that amount will be drawn down, and potentially recharged when it approaches a zero balance.


Feel free to reach out to us anytime at [email protected]. One of our devs will personally answer your request. Otherwise, check out the API docs and sign up for a sandbox account.