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Cloverly Mission

Provide tools for businesses and organizations to achieve carbon neutrality by connecting online buyers to local, high-quality renewable energy or carbon offsets through our Sustainability as a Service platform.

Our Values

Recognize the value of life

We want give all humans, current and future, the ability to have a fulfilling life. This happens by making better choices in our interactions with other humans and with the environment. By interacting in a human way with the environment, we limit our impact on the balance between us.

Seek balance

As in art, yoga, and sports, we seek balance. We want balance with life and work. We want balance with our fellow humans. We want balance with humans and the environment. We seek to provide the market with a method to balance modern energy consumption and a reduction of its environmental impact.

Make 'good' accessible

We aim to make consumption of renewable energy easy. When easier concious choices for organic foods became possible in recent years, people consumed more organic foods. We aim to do the same for renewable energy. Instead of consuming generic energy to make our modern lives comfortable with transportation, machines, and global trade, people should be able to consciously consume renewable energy.

Be authentic

When we make decisions, we ask ourselves, “Is this authentic?” In the modern world, it’s easy to broadcast a message of virtue worldwide, then behave in ways contrary to your stated views. Our behavior and our words should be one.

While we make this step toward authenticity, we also recognize that we will fail. When we fail, we will apologize and correct.

Be transparent

Authenticity requires transparency. We will be transparent with our sources of carbon offsets and Renewable Energy Credits, and with our procurement and handling processes. We seek to bring transparency to the renewable energy and carbon markets, which even we find uncertain.

Participate with the market

Yes, we believe in the market. We seek to participate with the market to build a livable income for ourselves, Cloverly employees, and Cloverly suppliers. We also seek to provide tools to the market that the market finds valuable. We believe participating with the markets in this way will inject capital into the renewable energy markets, which will continue to push the world toward an environmentally balanced future.

Have fun, play hard

Today, doom and gloom and the environment go together like peas and carrots. We don’t think doom and gloom effect the change we want. We want to build a renewable energy party, and we want people to join that party. We want to build a balanced future with other people, and have fun while doing it.

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Our goal is to find customers that hold these values, too. If you have any questions or inquires for Cloverly, please email [email protected].