Is your ecommerce store built on Shopify? If so, we've created a plugin specifically for ecommerce stores like yours. Customers will be given the option to make their shipping carbon neutral during the checkout process. You can have Cloverly installed on your store in less than 24 hours. Best of all, the full cost is passed to the customer. There is no cost you, the store owner.

How Does It Work?

Our algorithm uses shipping zip code, shipping method, and shipment weight to calculate, in real time, the carbon impact of each customer's order and the cost of the renewable energy needed to make the order carbon neutral.

Cloverly easily integrates with your Shopify. On the shopping cart page, the customer will see a checkbox with the price for carbon neutral delivery, usually less than a dollar. If your customer opts in to greening their order, "green delivery" will be added as an item in their cart.

Once they check out, Cloverly then purchases the calculated renewable energy needed and performs the compliance behind the carbon offset. You never pay for anything; the cost is passed to the customer.

We believe that your customers will appreciate the option of carbon neutral delivery. Our Shopify app makes giving them this option seamless. We've already done the heavy lifting.

Getting started with Cloverly on Shopify is simple. First, sign up for a Cloverly account and add a credit card. Second, contact Cloverly and we'll send you the plugin code to install on your store.

Be the champion of sustainability at your company.