Join Cloverly at COP28 in the United Arab Emirates

Dubai, November 30th – December 12th, 2023

Pioneering Sustainable Change for the Future

COP28 will be a pivotal milestone in the global fight against climate change. It’s an opportunity for nations to come together, reassess their commitments to the Paris Agreement, and push the boundaries of climate action. Cloverly recognizes the significance of this event, and our presence reflects our unwavering commitment to advancing meaningful climate action through innovative solutions. 

We understand that achieving global climate goals requires collaborative efforts, and COP28 provides the ideal forum for fostering partnerships, sharing knowledge, and driving impactful change. Connect with us at COP28 to learn more about the role that high-quality carbon credits will play in achieving global climate goals. 

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“The deployment of carbon dioxide removals to counterbalance hard-to-abate residual emissions is unavoidable if net zero emissions are to be achieved.”

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

While smaller than compliance markets, voluntary carbon markets are more agile, allowing for quicker adaption and innovation. This makes an ideal platform for scaling innovative carbon removal methods, which are still in early stages of development and not yet available in compliance markets.

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Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how carbon credits accelerate decarbonization efforts and generate value to the bottom line.

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The private sector is pivotal in driving global progress toward ambitious climate goals. And voluntary carbon markets stand as critical facilitators for companies striving to meet emission reduction targets. But how can businesses ensure that the credits they purchase will yield tangible, real-world impact?

Read the article to uncover strategies.

There are a number of recent developments that can help companies de-risk their voluntary carbon credit purchase while achieving net zero goals. Watch this on-demand webinar with industry experts from BeZero Carbon, Oka | The Carbon Insurance Company, and Isometric to discover best practices for future-proofing your climate journey.

Watch the webinar. 

Where to find Cloverly at COP28

The Cloverly team will be hosting and attending a variety of COP28 events from November 30th – December 12th, 2023. Check out where you can find us. 

Cloverly and BeZero will be co-hosting a breakfast for project suppliers on December 5.

Cloverly will be hosting a cocktail reception at the IETA Business Hub in the Blue Zone on December 3rd for government and business leaders to network and engage with industry experts. 

Registration closed. 

The Blue Zone is a UNFCCC managed site, open to accredited party and observer delegates. It hosts the formal negotiations across the two weeks of the conference, as well as the World Climate Action Summit, the country pavilions, presidency events, and hundreds of side events including panel discussions, round tables, and cultural events. The Cloverly team will be in the Blue Zone from November 30 – December 6th.

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The Climate Action Innovation Zone is an inclusive, free to attend space for cross-sector collaboration at COP28. You can find the Cloverly team here December 4 – 8.

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The Sustainable Innovation Forum 2023 unites sustainability leaders from business, government, finance, and civil society to create the leading multi-stakeholder event during COP28. Members of the Cloverly team will be attending December 4 – 5.

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Bloomberg Green seeks to create an immersive experience designed to go beyond the negotiating rooms and delve into pragmatic strategies for cross-sector climate action. The event brings together the foremost leaders in business, finance, policy, academia and NGOs to encourage candid conversations focused on creating solutions to support the goals set forth at COP28. Find members of the Cloverly team here on December 4 – 5.

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The Journal House, hosted by the Wall Street Journal, seeks to shape the dialogue around the profound interplay between climate change, business and society. At this important gathering, WSJ editors will unpack the challenges and opportunities with global leaders in business and politics on climate financing, mitigation technology, green jobs, and more. The Cloverly team will be at the Journal House on December 1 -2.

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Weren't able to attend COP28?

Join the Cloverly executive team as they do a deep dive into what they learned on the ground on December 14th at 11:00 AM EST/  4:00 PM GMT. We’ll delve into key outcomes from COP28, what it means for the Voluntary Carbon Market, and have time for Q&A. Register using the form.


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