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Cloverly Catalyst is the hub for your carbon credit business. Manage the entire lifecycle of your credits through inventory management, omnichannel distribution, insightful reporting and more.

Simplified Credit Management 

Purpose-built to manage your spot and forward credit inventory.

Omni-Channel Distribution

Take complete control of all your sales channels in one place.

Streamlined Content Management

Manage content across all your sales channels from one single source of truth.

Focus on saving the planet, not on administrative tasks.

Project developers are dedicating more time to administering and managing complex credit inventories using spreadsheets or makeshift software.

We need you laser-focused on making a climate impact.

Cloverly Catalyst streamlines operations for project developers across the full life cycle of credit development, commercialization and retirement, removing repetitive tasks and enabling new avenues for growth.


Manage the Full Lifecycle of Your Credits — All in One Place

Leverage a unified dashboard for all your historical and projected inventory. Plan and account for spot, forward and long-term offtakes.

Track credits available for sale, reserved, quoted, sold and retired.

Manage credits through forecast, measure, verified and issued stages.

Capture all of the information needed to plan and track your credit deliveries.

Take Full Control of Your Sales Channels with Catalyst 

Catalyst provides your sales team with your real-time credit inventory, helping them effortlessly meet buyer requirements.

Start selling through new sales channels with complete control. Allocate inventory, set pricing and analyze each channel’s performance.Set inventory risk buffers and vintages.

If you choose, get assisted sales from Cloverly’s direct sales team and programmatic sales from Cloverly API.

Store project descriptions, imagery and key information in one place. Sync updates out to all channels.

“We need to track what we are pre-selling and to be able to manage that inventory and plan the delivery dates – basically our commitments and delivery. Working with Cloverly, we’re able to do this as well as map out our projections of what credits will be online when, or our forecasted capacity.”

Octavia Carbon, Direct Air Capture and Storage in Africa

Start Scaling Your Business​

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