Empower Your Event Attendees to Offset Their Carbon Footprint

Cloverly enables companies and individuals to take immediate climate action through a comprehensive platform of solutions to purchase carbon credits. 

With the widest selection of high-quality carbon credit projects in the world, Cloverly is trusted by more than 300 leading businesses. 

Built on Climate Science. 

Cloverly is committed to advancing sustainable and impactful carbon credit projects through rigorous evaluation and alignment with global standards. 

Cloverly’s Criteria for Impact, Risk and Quality of Sustainability (CIRQS) framework represents a comprehensive and rigorous approach to evaluating carbon credit projects. This ensures they meet high standards of environmental integrity, transparency, and sustainability impact. 

All carbon credits listed on Cloverly’s Platform have passed a thorough examination through the CIRQS framework.  So, buyers can trust that their carbon credit investment is delivering real climate action. 

Seamless Technology Solutions. 

Cloverly offers the world’s most advanced climate action API, enabling organizations to embed climate action into any digital customer experience. 

Trade show and Events providers can empower event attendees, sponsors and exhibitors to easily offset the carbon footprint of their trade show experience through Cloverly’s Direct Checkout solution. 

Direct Checkout pulls each attendees’ carbon footprint and presents a customizable selection of carbon credits and carbon credit portfolios for offsetting emissions. 

Make a positive climate contribution today!

Pick a project to offset the emissions from your event participation

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Demonstrate your commitment to climate leadership with ease.

Cloverly’s Climate Solutions and Customer Services team will help you develop the right strategies and solutions to deliver the user experience you desire for your attendees.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with our Climate Solutions team below.


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