Access quality carbon credits to accelerate your climate strategy

Cloverly gives you unparalleled access to pre-vetted, high quality carbon removal credits along with a team of climate science experts to maximize your climate commitments.

Why enterprise organizations choose Cloverly

Cloverly is the enterprise platform for carbon credit procurement because we offer a tailored experience that makes understanding, sourcing, procuring, and reporting on your climate commitments easier than ever.


Our team of climate scientists and industry experts are with you every step of the way in your carbon credit procurement process 


Cloverly’s transparent approach to due diligence on credit quality assures you’re purchasing high quality, pre-vetted credits


Take advantage of Cloverly’s large supplier ecosystem with access to over 17,000 projects and thousands of data points to objectively assess and evaluate quality


Our easy to use platform enables you to scale RFPs and procurement in moments when audit trails, compliance, value, and price are top of mind

Step by step breakdown of how our procurement as a service offering works

Proprietary procurement intelligence and analysis

Get critical pricing trends and insights into procurement activity across the Voluntary Carbon Market, then select your preferences to refine your portfolio to meet your standards. 

Personalized supply report

Receive a portfolio of personalized recommendations that fit your most important criteria including geography, project type, and more. 

Primary and quick access

Review a selection of the most sought-after, exclusive inventory available for immediate purchase and priced to meet your needs.

Enhanced due diligence

Throughout the procurement process, our industry experts and climate scientists are available to guide you with enhanced due diligence and proprietary reporting so you can be confident in the decisions you’re making.

Accelerate your climate strategy 

Get in touch to explore how Cloverly’s procurement as a service can help you scale your climate impact   


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