The Role of Carbon Credits in Credible Climate Claims with VCMI

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In an era where climate action is not just a nice-to-have but a major business driver, companies are seeking to make credible climate claims. However, the landscape for corporate climate claims is undergoing significant change. New standards are constantly emerging and impending legislation promises to shape what claims companies can make. How can companies navigate this dynamic playing field and make climate claims with integrity and confidence? In this webinar, industry experts will dive deeper on claims frameworks and guidance, including the new Claims Code of Practice from the Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI). Join us to gain an in-depth understanding of the current state of play and how your organization can leverage carbon credits to make credible climate claims. 

We’ll cover:

✅How corporate climate claims are evolving

    • Drivers for corporate climate claims
    • Evolving landscape of corporate climate claims
    • Consensus on the major steps

✅Why credible claims matter

✅VCMI Claims Code of Practice

✅Best practices for crafting credible climate claims

✅Integrating carbon credits into climate claims

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Ross Sheil, GM International at Cloverly

Ross Sheil, a SaaS growth expert with 15+ years of experience, is the GM for EMEA & APAC at Cloverly. Formerly at Twitter, Stripe, he also played a key role in a $80M Series B scale-up for a SaaS company. Ross has built businesses from startup to multi-million revenues and also has a background in venture capital. He’s a committed climate optimist dedicated to championing enterprise climate action.

Christie Gamble-VCMI webinar

Christie Gamble, Director of Climate Solutions s at Cloverly

Christie is a passionate climate advocate with the superpower of forging mission alignment across diverse stakeholders. She's an acclaimed public speaker with over 50 media/conference appearances, including a feature on CNN Business that attracted over 1 million views.

VCMI Mark-Kenber-square-bw

Mark Kenber, Executive Director at VCMI

Mark Kenber, Executive Director of VCMI, has worked for nearly 30 years on market-based approaches to environmental protection. Former CEO of The Climate Group, where he launched the Voluntary Carbon Standard, he is a recognized leading voice on carbon markets in climate policy. Previously he held pivotal roles at Fundación Natura, WWF, Mongoose Energy, and Climate Advisers and currently serves on several boards including ICVCM and Verra.


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