COP28 Unpacked: The Future of Voluntary Carbon Markets

On-Demand Webinar

In the wake of COP28, it’s clear that the Voluntary Carbon Market has an essential role to play in achieving global climate goals. In this webinar, we’ll explore key insights and strategies for unlocking the potential of carbon markets within the broader climate action agenda. Watch this on-demand webinar for a deep dive into the future of carbon markets and see how your business can play a vital role in this dynamic landscape.

We cover:

✅ Inside look at COP28 outcomes: Delve into the key decisions and discussions from COP28, focusing on their implications for carbon markets. Our experts, who were on the ground at the event, will provide a nuanced understanding of the new climate commitments.

✅ Future trends and predictions: Stay ahead of the curve with predictions on what trends will shape the carbon markets post-COP28. Understand how these changes will influence global climate action and what the implications for businesses will be.

✅ Strategic insights for businesses: Learn how your business can navigate and capitalize on the evolving carbon market landscape in the post COP-28 era.

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Jason Rubottom

CEO, Cloverly

Wes French

Vice President of Climate Solutions, Cloverly

Ross Sheil

GM for EMEA & APAC, Cloverly


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