Types of Climate Claims Companies Can Make

In an era when corporate climate action has never been more important, understanding the spectrum of claims that companies can make is essential. Climate claims can range from “carbon neutral” (less ambitious) to “climate positive” (more ambitious). On the left side of the spectrum, the focus is on emissions compensation. Moving to the right entails going beyond net zero (ideally) to make climate positive contributions. This infographic, originally shared during our webinar “The Role of Carbon Credits in Credible Climate Claims,” clarifies the five distinct categories of corporate climate claims.

It covers:

Carbon neutral (compensation): CO2 emissions are offset via CO2 reductions or removals.
Climate neutral (compensation): GHG emissions are offset via GHG reductions or removals.
Net zero: GHG emissions are reduced via science-based pathways, and residual emissions are offset with “like-for-like” removals.
Carbon negative (contribution): CO2 removals (“like-for-like”) exceed emissions.
Climate positive (contribution): GHG removals (“like-for-like”) exceed emissions.

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