Zeroing In: Responsible Offsetting in the Built Environment

On-Demand Webinar
July 22nd,  2:00 PM BST

Architecture 2030 reveals that the built environment contributes to over 40% of annual global CO2 emissions, placing the real estate sector under growing scrutiny for its carbon footprint. In this context, it’s crucial that the industry understands and implements high integrity decarbonization strategies to effectively address these challenges. While emissions reduction should always be the priority, offsetting is a fundamental part of any net zero transition plan and should be done in parallel with reduction. This webinar will explore the complexities of carbon offsetting under the UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard and the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC)’s guidelines. We’ll examine varying opinions on mandatory versus voluntary offsetting from recent consultations, drawing on insights from the Net Zero Carbon Building Standard’s Technical Update and developments from ICVCM, VCMI, and SBTi. 

Join us as we navigate the evolving carbon emissions landscape in real estate and drive toward a sustainable future.

Topics covered include:

✅ Implications of the UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard
✅ The UK Green Building Council’s guidance on carbon offsetting and pricing
✅ Mandatory versus voluntary offsetting
✅ Understanding the criteria for high integrity carbon credits in real estate
✅ Best practices and strategies for implementing effective decarbonization measures

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Stephen Thompson

Offsetting Consultancy Services, Arup

Alex Benstead

Senior Advisor, UKGBC

Gerald Chifamba

Strategic Account Executive, Cloverly

Callum Hunt

Climate Solutions Lead, Cloverly


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