Cloverly Partners With EcoEnclose To Help Build Regenerative Ecommerce Industry

EcoEnclose, the global company for eco-friendly shipping products and packaging, is joining the Cloverly family. By integrating the Cloverly API technology into the online shopping experience, EcoEnclose now gives its customers the ability to make their delivery of sustainable shipping supplies carbon-neutral.

The collaboration will continue to build the infrastructure to make ecommerce a regenerative industry and give both Cloverly’s and EcoEnclose’s B2B clients a significant opportunity to advance their sustainable business practices.

What’s a regenerative industry? One that’s not merely carbon-neutral but actually ecologically net positive. EcoEnclose explains its vision of “a future where humans and the earth are thriving together” on its website.

Collaboration for change

The Cloverly-EcoEnclose partnership sets out to empower companies by allowing them to take the necessary steps for improving their environmental impact: switching to sustainable packaging and using carbon-neutral shipping options that support a dynamic offsetting project. Combining the power of carbon credits with eco-friendly shipping supplies helps the 2 companies amplify the ways businesses can boost their sustainability efforts and expand consumer access to eco-conscious decision-making.

With sustainability playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business, companies recognize the need to accelerate the development of eco-friendly solutions to ensure they remain on the competitive vanguard. Sarah Quirk, who handles business development at EcoEnclose, recognizes this shift:

“EcoEnclose is a B2B company, and our customers are entrepreneurs, small-, medium-, and enterprise-sized businesses, household brands, and startups—anyone selling and shipping via ecommerce. The common thread between them is their desire to do more. For sustainability, for high-quality products, for moving the needle in whatever ways they can.”

Local value creation

By paying only a few cents toward neutralizing their shipping, EcoEnclose’s customers can make a significant impact. Through Cloverly, EcoEnclose will exclusively purchase carbon offsets on behalf of their clients at the May Ranch project, in their home state of Colorado.

Supporting a local project was a requirement for the company. “As the saying goes: ‘Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.’” Quirk says. “We support bioregionalism and creating value and protection for the local region. Feeling an allegiance to, and responsibility for, the place you live makes tackling the global issue of climate change more approachable and tangible.” The May Ranch project aims to prevent the conversion of around 14,000 acres of native grasslands to crop-based agriculture.

Incentivizing conservation through partnerships

The collaboration with Cloverly averts the release of carbon that has been sequestered in the area’s soils over millennia. “The folks at May Ranch are making a concerted effort to protect existing soil carbons stored on their property by evolving the way they manage their land,” says Rudy Krehbiel, operations lead at Cloverly. “To reward efforts and incentivize continuation, the May Ranch landowners are granted carbon credits for every additional metric ton of carbon removed from the atmosphere.”

Over the long term, the project will permanently conserve biodiversity in a vital corridor for endangered species of birds and other wildlife.

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The unique undertaking exemplifies how conservation can work hand in hand with production agriculture, supporting livelihoods, critical cultural resources, and fauna. For EcoEnclose, it’s just the beginning: “Offsetting the carbon footprint of shipping our products is just 1 way we will reach our goal of being an ecologically regenerative company by 2030,” Quirk explains. “For the parts of our business that we cannot alter to be carbon-neutral, Cloverly provides a great solution. It allows us to accomplish 2 goals: reduce our carbon footprint, and contribute positively to a project that actively protects our local environment.”

Transparent business solutions

Underlining a firm commitment from both partners to contribute to a regenerative economy, the unique undertaking supports societal and regulatory demand for more transparent, sustainable business solutions.“One important way Cloverly and carbon offsets contribute to our goal is that they move us to measure every aspect of our business—our operations, products, commutes, etc.” Quirk said. “As we measure, we can find ways to reduce our impact and transparently offset what we haven’t been able to reduce.” Customers will see precisely where the offset project occurs before and after the transaction, ensuring full transparency about the location and type of offset used.

About EcoEnclose

EcoEnclose, which aims to bring innovation and eco-solutions to shipping supplies, has made sustainability an intrinsic part of its business. The company’s vision is to develop product and shipping packaging made with as much recycled content as possible, and which can be easily recycled into new packaging in its next life. They’re working toward a future in which their products, operations, and supply chain are a positive, regenerative force for the planet, directly in line with their goal of becoming an ecologically net-positive company by 2030.

About Cloverly

Cloverly helps companies and individuals go carbon-neutral or carbon negative by connecting them with various Renewable Energy Credits and offset projects, such as reforestation projects, solar and wind farms, greenhouse gas capture ventures, and more. Cloverly’s powerful API estimates carbon emissions and purchases offsets and Renewable Energy Credits in real time to mitigate the environmental impacts of everyday activities, in a transparent way that is easy to use and understand for both companies and consumers.


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