IMEX and Cloverly Partner to Empower Sustainable Event Attendance

On May 14, 2024, IMEX, a leading events services provider, joined forces with Cloverly to enhance their sustainability initiatives. Initially launched in 2002, IMEX holds two global trade shows annually for the meetings and events sector. IMEX’s purpose is “to build better human connections all over the world.”

Starting with IMEX Frankfurt 2024, all attendees, including buyers and exhibitors, can invest in vetted, high-quality carbon credit projects. This partnership marks a significant step toward empowering event participants to actively participate in climate action. By investing in a variety of high-quality carbon credit projects, participants can now directly contribute to the global drive toward net-zero emissions.

Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX Group, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, noting that it aligns with their ongoing commitment to reducing emissions and fostering deeper human connections across the globe. Leveraging Cloverly’s advanced climate action API, the integration enables a seamless experience for attendees to calculate and offset the carbon footprint associated with their event participation. She says, “Through our work with Cloverly, we’re enabling our show attendees to play an active part in addressing climate change. It’s now clear that in addition to reducing emissions, which IMEX is already working on, the world urgently also needs to remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it permanently. Our partnership with Cloverly [also] represents an important milestone for IMEX on our journey to achieving net zero ahead of the 2050 timeline set out in the Paris Agreement.”

Cloverly’s CEO Jason Rubottom also expressed excitement about the partnership. He says, “Cloverly is proud to help IMEX take climate action by empowering its event attendees to purchase highly vetted carbon credits. Each credit has undergone a thorough quality and risk evaluation by our climate science team, allowing IMEX attendees to feel confident that their offset contribution is making a positive – and critical – climate impact.”

Seamless Technology Solutions. 

Cloverly offers the world’s most advanced climate action API, enabling organizations to embed climate action into any digital customer experience. 

Trade show and Events providers can empower event attendees, sponsors and exhibitors to easily offset the carbon footprint of their trade show experience through Cloverly’s Direct Checkout solution. Direct Checkout pulls each attendees’ carbon footprint and presents a customizable selection of carbon credits and carbon credit portfolios for offsetting emissions. 

And Cloverly’s comprehensive platform of solutions enables companies and individuals to take immediate climate action by purchasing carbon credits. With the widest selection of high-quality carbon credit projects in the world, Cloverly is trusted by more than 300 leading businesses.

Learn more about how IMEX attendees are making a positive impact in the announcement below.

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