Welcome To Davines As A Cloverly Partner

Davines, the hair and skin care products company based in Parma, Italy, announced on Earth Day its partnership with Cloverly to offer carbon-neutral shipping for its US ecommerce customers.

“Say ciao to carbon!” Davines announced on Instagram. “We are partnering with @getcloverly to calculate the carbon emissions of shipping each order based on location, and you are able to add green shipping to your order for 30 cents.”

Davines has chosen a single offset partner: EthioTrees. “In the Northern Ethiopian plateau, the constant risk of desertification made it the ideal spot to focus efforts on helping to protect the environment,” says Davines on its website. “Our partnership with EthioTrees helps to plant native tree and shrub species, as well as activities such as building terraces and trenches to reduce erosion and desertification.”

Consumers have the option to green their shipping, or not. To learn all about Davines, its products, its history of sustainability, and its partnership with Cloverly, see the Davines website at https://us.davines.com.


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