Advanced Refrigeration Systems

Traditional refrigerants have a high Global Warming Potential (GWP) that can be significantly more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide. These projects avoid greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by...
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Carbon Credits

Carbon credits are transferable financial instruments that represent one metric ton of carbon dioxide (or other greenhouse gas equivalent) that is reduced/avoided or removed from the atmosphere. Carbon...
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Carbon Neutral

In a global context, carbon neutrality occurs when human-generated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are offset by equivalent CO2 removals within a defined period. For businesses, achieving carbon neutrality...
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Carbon Offsets

While “carbon credits” and “carbon offsets” are sometimes used interchangeably, they have different meanings. Carbon credits can be purchased by organizations to compensate for...
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Direct Air Capture (DAC)

Sometimes referred to as a Negative Emissions Technology (NET), DAC employs chemical or physical processes to extract CO2 from the ambient (still) air. The captured CO2 can then be stored deep underground...
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Like for Like

The term “like-for-like” refers to balancing emissions sources with carbon sinks (offsets) that match in terms of their warming impact, timescale (duration), and permanence of the carbon storage....
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